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Self-Hypnosis and Relaxation Exercises to Help Overcome Stress & Anxiety

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Want To Learn How To Deal With Stress & Anxiety ?

Stress and anxiety often contribute to the problems that clients want to overcome and see us, Annie Greig and John Greig, about in their hypnotherapy sessions at our Clinics in London’s Harley Street and Wandsworth.

Dealing with anxious thoughts and the often unhelpful physical symptoms of tension which can accompany them are a priority in treatment.

We teach clients two essential skills – Self-Hypnosis and Relaxation. Simple and easy to learn exercises for helping to release stress and mental agitation is one of the key ways we work with clients. These skills  can be used both between sessions and after treatment has been completed to support their continuing well being. 

Learn Self-Hypnosis

You can use self-hypnosis (learn here) first thing in the morning when you first wake up for about 15 minutes and then in the evening before you go to sleep or at another time that is convenient to you.  The idea is to gradually train your body and mind to relax and create an inner feeling of calm as an antidote to stress, deal with anxiety and bring greater clarity of mind. See these exercises as learning experiments, rather than getting it exactly “right”, it is more about taking the time to relax, using your imagination to visualise a special place of peace and tranquillity and breathing easy than anything else.

Preparing for Hypnosis

You can prepare for entering into hypnosis by lying down or sitting quietly in a chair. Then simply closing your eyes take a few deep breaths in and out and send waves relaxation throughout your whole body with each exhalation. Allow your breath to return to its natural easy relaxed rhythm and as you gently focus on your breathing allow yourself to begin entering into hypnosis.

As an alternative you can start your self-hypnosis session by employing a simple hypnotic induction, keeping the head straight and then with the eyes looking upwards at a point on the ceiling, and after a few seconds allowing the eyelids to become heavy (or imagining that they are becoming heavy) and then closing the eyes to begin entering into hypnosis.

Next you can imagine taking five steps down and with each step entering into hypnosis deeper and deeper and becoming even more relaxed than before. Then you can begin to visualise yourself being in a special place, a place where you feel completely at ease, safe, relaxed and happy.  Maybe, it is a place in the country, in nature or a place on holiday or simply an inspiring place you conjure up in your imagination.  As if it was happening right now, experience all the sights, sounds, colours and sensations of being in that special place and at the same time letting all the feelings of being completely safe, calm, relaxed and at ease to arise.

Relaxed Breathing

To help support you during the self-hypnosis and relaxation exercise and give a focus for your mind, you can do relaxed breathing. You can use the word “relax” (or your own special calming word). Say it silently to yourself, as you breathe in and again as you breathe out, to create a deeper sense of peace and calm.  Let repetition of this word remind you of and encapsulate the whole experience of your visualisation, your feelings of being in a special place where you feel fully at ease and content.

Body Relaxation

You can also add a relaxation exercise. You can do it as part of your self-hypnosis exercise and also when you get into bed to prepare for sleep. Going up from your feet to the top of your head; visualise each part of your body at the same time as you do your relaxed breathing; imagine you are allowing your muscles to relax and you are releasing and melting away any tension, step by step. As you do this you can imagine letting a feeling of warmth (and also imagine a colour, if you wish) gently moving up from the soles of your feet to encompass your whole body.

Taking a moment to relax, relieve stress and bring calm

You can also recall the word and the breathing exercise and the feeling that goes with it from time to time during the day to relieve any stress or tension and bring calm and focus.  Checking  in with yourself for a few moments whenever needed, pay attention to your breath and use your special calming word or “relax” on the in-breath and out-breath, for example, just before you pick up the phone to make a call. The intention is to help you relax, dispel anxiety and bring your focus back to the present moment. If you want you can at the same time bring to mind that special place where you experience peace and tranquillity. As you pay attention to your breath, be aware of how you are holding your body and make a conscious decision to release any tension and allow a feeling of ease to arise.

Want to Find Out More?

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