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Exercises for Overcoming Anxious Thoughts, Feared Outcomes and Situations.

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Questioning Thinking Errors and Distortions Being aware of your thinking when you notice that your energy or mood is going down or you are having anxious thoughts and using it as an opportunity to examine what is going on. Ask yourself the following questions and reflect on your answers: What is unhelpful or distorted about [...]

Hypnotism – early 19th century psychotherapy?

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Dr James Braid - The First Hypnotherapist

James Braid Develops His Theories of Hypnotism The words hypnosis and hypnotism were first used by the 19th Century Scottish surgeon, James Braid. In 1841 he attended a stage show demonstrating the phenomenon of Mesmerism, to confirm his scepticism of the idea that a special power called “animal magnetism” was involved in healing subjects. He [...]